How CPD seminars can benefit Architects

How CPD seminars can benefit Architects

In the fast moving world of the Built Environment it is increasingly important for all members of the specification chain to stay relevant and up to date on new industry trends and practices. But as the nuclei of most building projects it is becoming more important for the architect to really know the ins and outs of the industry, from design, to construction, to product manufacturing and to the working life of the building.

Here are just a few reasons why architects (and product specifiers alike) should be taking more CPDs:

It’s in the name:

CPD stands for “continuing professional development”, which speaks for itself. In most professions you can no longer have a successful 40 or 50 year career on the back of your initial qualification. Lifelong learning allows you to develop along with your industry, being able to understand new technologies and practices as they emerge. A certain amount of CPD points are now also often required per year for continued membership to professional bodies.

Building a portfolio of knowledge:

CPDs are great for expanding your knowledge horizons. Building up a bank of knowledge on different products, technologies and construction practices means an architect can really get to grips with every aspect of a project. Being able to specify products and contractors based on their own developed portfolio of knowledge means that an architect can be confident that their vision will translate to the finished project.

Product comparison:

Architects will no doubt have a working knowledge of what products have and haven’t worked for them in the past, attending CPD seminars ran by manufacturers can allow specifiers to compare products. If a product hasn’t worked for you in the past a CPD might clue you in to a more effective alternative and provide you with opportunity to trial new products. This will allow an architect to experience innovative technologies and expand their go-to product lists hopefully leading to new and inspirational builds in the future.


There’s that age old saying: it’s not what you know it’s who you know! CPD seminars are a fantastic way for your firm to get to know local suppliers and manufacturers and in mixed group sessions other industry professionals. This can help to expand your specification options and build great working relationships. Attending a CPD can lead to an open channel of communication between architect and supplier, leading to more cohesive and cooperative builds.

Asking questions:

CPD seminars can be a great place to ask an experts advice for any on-going or future projects. A manufacturer will know their product (and others like it) inside out. The face to face interaction opportunity offered by CPD seminars is invaluable for gaining product insight. CPDs are also good for debunking industry myths and overcoming old, outdated habits.

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If you’re looking for a place to start why not check out our CPD picks below:

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External Tiling Solutions for Balconies and Terraces by Building Adhesives Limited (BAL)

Guide to specifying screeds with underfloor heating by Ronacrete

Using glass rooflights to unlock light, air and space by Glazing Vision

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