How offsite can solve common construction obstacles

How offsite can solve common construction obstacles

How can you tell if offsite construction is the right method for a development? We explore five problems that can be solved by offsite construction to help you decide if it is the right building method for your built environment project.

Limited access

Offsite construction is an ideal solution for sites that have limited access, this includes remote sites that are inaccessible to employees and sites in highly dense urban areas. As a lot of the production happens in a factory offsite construction minimises time spent on site and reduces the need for large deliveries of materials to site. Less onsite traffic means less disruption to local roads and a smoother delivery and installation time.

Winter development

With offsite construction projects can continue through the winter months without the risk of being disrupted by bad weather. This leads to quicker build times and eradicates any costs that can accumulate during onsite delays.

Budget restrictions

Choosing an offsite method can cut down labour and wastage costs and dramatically reduce build time. A factory setting reduces the need for a large team of onsite labourers and by building in a controlled environment contractors can keep an eye on left over materials and reuse them in another project. Less materials are wasted by adverse weather too. Shorter construction times means that developers can see the return on an asset much quicker.

Achieving sustainability

With traditional construction methods it can be difficult to ensure sustainable practices are followed by all project contributors. By choosing an offsite method you reduce the supply chain for a project thus making sustainability more controllable. This combined with easier waste management and a reduced number of vehicles and heavy machinery on site makes offsite a sustainable development solution.

Limited time

Offsite construction can be ideal for developments in high traffic and time sensitive sectors. For example developments in the education sector will often happen during the summer holidays, requiring a quick turnaround. If construction during the six week break is impossible a school would require a fast installation with minimal disruption to pupils. The nature of offsite makes it ideal for these kinds of developments as most of the work is completed offsite.

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