How to specify underfloor heating [CHECKLIST]

How to specify underfloor heating [CHECKLIST]

Make sure you don't miss anything whilst specifying your underfloor heating System by using our handy checklist:.

Electric or wet system:
You need to consider which system you will go for, electric or wet. The important thing to note here is electric underfloor heating systems are cheaper to install and wet systems are cheaper to run.

Choose a suitable floor covering
Whether it is tiles, wood, laminate or carpet, you need to consider which may be the most efficient. Also be sure tell the UFH designer so that the pipe layout can be properly specified.

Get an idea of costings
It is important know exactly how much you can pay out before completing installation. As mentioned above, the two types of system vary in price so it’s important to know which would be best for your circumstances.

Know which type of UFH pipe would be best
There are two types of UFH pipes; single layer plastic or multi-layer. The price varies with quality, with multi-layer being more expensive, but this should only need to be done once and the price of the pipe is a relatively small part of the overall cost of the system. Multi-layer is renowned for being the more durable and reliable option.

Plan & measure your space before installation
Planning is extremely important so measure out the area and plan for the installation carefully. Make sure to consider all the fixtures and fittings that are going to be installed. All this will make for a smoother and quicker installation process.

Make sure your home is sufficiently insulated
It is vital to have insulation boards installed. A lot of people try to save money and not bother with underfloor insulation, but it has massive benefits from decreased heat-up time to energy savings and lower running costs in the long term.

Test it
Before the final piece of floor covering goes down, make sure you have tested the system before and after stages of installation. You should be able to ask your electrician to do this. This will give you piece of mind and there will be no surprises when it’s all done.

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