IKO Product Innovation Drives to Raise Building Industry Standards

IKO Product Innovation Drives to Raise Building Industry Standards

The construction sector is embracing change, with architects, merchants, constructors and importantly, product manufacturers recognising that they have an important role to play in delivering a safe and sustainable built environment.

IKO product innovation

IKO’s unwavering commitment to investing in new product solutions which improve build quality for the long-term health and wellbeing of the occupier is renowned throughout the industry. It’s an ethos that has resulted in solutions of the quality of IKO Hyload, a polymeric sheet-based damp-proof course and cavity tray system that is used within masonry walls to prevent moisture from infiltrating a building.

Developed more than 100 years ago, IKO Hyload remains a tried-and-trusted solution for the construction industry. A fully-developed range of components has fuelled its evolution and ensured its adaptability for a range of applications, whilst its composition (IKO Hyload contains more than 70% recycled materials) meets industry demand for building materials which deliver in terms of quality and sustainability.

The structural waterproofing membrane range is augmented by IKO Synthaprufe, a brush-applied damp proofing system which exhibits exceptional bonding strength to a range of building materials.

If IKO Hyload is an exemplar of a traditional system that has been refined for modern building needs, IKO enertherm insulation is one that’s specifically designed for the current market. PIR-based, this multi-functional 100% CFC, HCFC or HFC-free board, once again demonstrates IKO’s focus on a product’s environmental impact without compromise to its in-situ performance.

IKO enertherm is ideal for a range of applications including flooring, walls, pitched and flat roofing. IKO Enertherm ALU is well suited to receive self-adhesive roofing membranes which are gaining in popularity as a safe, rapid-apply solution.

A safe solution in response to industry changes and the diverse flat roofing market, IKO has recently modified its IKO Easyseal self-adhesive underlays. The system, which now incorporates fully bonded and partially-bonded options, comprises a high performance, glass-fibre reinforced carrier with a self-adhesive bitumen SBS elastomeric coating.

The new, ‘partial-bond’ feature provides greater versatility over a wider range of substrates and insulation boards, whilst retaining the benefits of the quick installation methods of IKO’s traditional systems.

BBA-approved, the IKO Easyseal roofing system has been designed to remove the requirement for hot bitumen and/or naked flames for anyone installing roofing membranes and provide a solution that meets the scope of the NFRC Safe2torch initiative.

Instead, the adhesive coating to the underside is activated when it comes into contact with IKOpro Easyseal Bonding Agent to give a guaranteed bond. The underside has a self-adhesive bitumen coating (protected by a release film) providing a 40% partial bond to primed substrates, and a 75mm selvedge that facilitates a full bond and rapid installation of the lap joints.

The upper surface is protected with a polythene film that facilitates rapid bonding of the subsequent self-adhesive waterproofing layers. The changes to the product were vital to IKO, knowing the importance of innovation in this area.

As with IKO Easyseal, IKO’s waterproof membrane range, which includes IKO Challenger, IKO TurboTorch and IKO Britorch, retains its brand history whilst upholding its reputation for quality and performance.

In terms of breather membranes for pitched roofs and timber frame buildings, IKO has responded to sector demand for fire-rated solutions with IKO Rubbershield Fireguard. This innovative vapour permeable system, an addition to the current IKO Rubbershield range, offers additional benefits in the form of its fire-retardant properties which self-extinguish if ignited.
This superbly-smart development is in line with part B of the Approved Documents – fire regulations.

Together with the innovative IKO TGX and IKO Protorch’s fire retardant technology, IKO’s watertight membranes, in relation to roofing membranes and structural waterproofing, are an enviable proposition for merchant stockists nationwide.

IKO has made changes to its product labelling and packaging in lieu of the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) regulations being actioned.

Highlighted in Dame Judith Hackitt’s review of building regulations and fire safety as a means of providing ‘clear, unambiguous’ data, manufacturers who sign up to the CCPI will be helping those in the building supply chain make fully-informed choices when it comes to product specification, installation, use etc.

Such aforethought is key to the excellent relationship IKO has established with its customers over the years. The company’s ability in being able to provide technical support and supply IKO products to the highest specification not only enhances its reputation as a leading manufacturer but serves the industry’s renown equally as well.

But as the UK looks to ‘build back better’ in the years to come, the ultimate beneficiary in the drive for higher standards will be the safety, health and wellbeing of the property occupiers, which is just as it should be.

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