Is pre-fab perfect for the future of construction?

Is pre-fab perfect for the future of construction?

Prefabricated buildings (or pre-fab) is one of the latest trends to become more prominent in the construction industry. At the recent Ecobuild event, there were plenty of talks and discussion around manufactured buildings, and how they look set to become a big player for big projects of the future. I have decided to take a more detailed look at pre-fabs to see what benefits they can bring and if they are here to stay.

Firstly, architects are bringing the idea of pre-fabricated buildings right up-to-date. By incorporating the latest technology and design ideas, they are creating pre-fab buildings that are not just cost-effective and quick to erect, but also stunning to look at and comfortable to occupy. One of the stigmas attached to pre-fabs are they are very ordinary and generic looking. However, to fall in line with increasing demand, designs are becoming more and more sophisticated. Pre-fabs are a popular choice for hospitals for example, as wide hallways, and rooms designed for natural light can all be reassembled off-site.

One of the most obvious attractions to pre-fabricated buildings is the fact that it is a big time saver. Because so much of the construction work is done before the building reaches you, once your foundations are in place, the basic erection process can take as little as a day. A massive plus point to meet tight deadlines. Moreover, the erection of a pre-fab building is extremely straightforward. Because the hard work has already been done, you are far less likely to run into any unexpected surprises or delays with a pre-fab building.

Another hot topic in the construction world is sustainability, and pre-fabricated buildings can help here as well. Pre-fab construction tends to generate far less waste than traditional methods due to the efficiency of the fabrication process. Greener materials such as wood are favoured over concrete, thus in turn reducing the building’s carbon footprint. By incorporating energy efficient products such as solar panels and underfloor heating with any pre-fab design, you are ensuring massive energy savings for the completed building.

The pre-fabrication method only seems to be growing and according to industry experts it will play a big role in the future of construction. New talent is entering the industry and bringing with them technologies and ideas and combining them with pre-fabs to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and durable. Taking this into account, it seems that pre-fabs will have a permanent place at the heart of the construction world for years to come.

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