Multi Faith Rooms in Hospitals

Multi Faith Rooms in Hospitals

According to Building History website “Medieval hospitals almost invariably had a chapel for their residents and staff, and some later hospitals continued the tradition.” So, the idea of providing religious or spiritual support within a healthcare setting has been here for a very long time. As the centuries have passed by and Britain has become a much more diverse and multi-cultural society, there has naturally been a change in what support is needed and what the physical space should look like.

Now, in the twenty first century, we have multi faith rooms, or prayer rooms, not just in hospitals, but also in countless other settings, including universities, airports, law courts and sports stadia. Daily life in a hospital, however, can consist of a unique mix of the usual routine tasks such as paperwork, cleaning, and property maintenance, along with emergency situations, tough decisions, stress, emotional and physical exhaustion, tragedy, and joy. This can undoubtedly put a strain on all involved: patients, family, and staff. An opportunity to spend time in solitude in a dignified environment can be a vital part of the healing process – both physical and spiritual.

Multi faith areas must be designed to meet the needs of all who visit and work in the hospital. Everyone should feel welcome there whether they adhere to a particular religion or none. This involves supporting the traditions of different faiths without causing offence to any.

WuduMate has been involved in helping to design multi faith facilities since the company started in 2007. Wudu is the Muslim act of ritual cleansing performed before prayer, which involves the washing of the face, head, hands, arms, and feet. Cleanliness is an extremely important aspect of Islam, and wudu should be undertaken in clean running water. WuduMate’s unique range of washing appliances for wudu includes the WuduMate Mobile, the most recent model, which is ideal for use in prisons, care homes, hospitals, law courts, or anywhere requiring flexibility rather than a fixed installation.

For further information on Best Practice Multi Faith Room Design, please download Wudumate’s guide “Diversity Matters”

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The WuduMate™ range consists of a unique, cost-effective series of appliances for safe, comfortable and dignified ritual washing in commercial...
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