WuduMate Modular


Versatile, elegant foot bath, which can be fitted singly or in series for communal ablution.

The WuduMate Modular is a cleverly designed modular wudu khana station, accommodating a combination of standing, seated and, if required, wheelchair-based users.
The innovative WuduMate Modular design means an ablution area can be both functionally and visually refreshing, suitable for high usage at busy prayer times.
Its ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance reduces the whole life cost of ownership.

One Product. Multiple Possibilities

The WuduMate Modular can be installed in numerous ways:
• On a flat surface, requiring a small step up, with only minimal sub-floor excavation to access a suitable drain, ideal for upstairs locations.
• Within the slab to finish flush with the level of the floor.
• For temporary use and moved to another location at a later stage in situations where a mosque or prayer room is undergoing extensive renovation or extension.
• With the seats installed in a forward position for a child’s use or placed to the rear of the unit for use by adults.
• Can be joined neatly together with other WuduMate Modulars to provide as many wudu stations as required

Features and benefits for buyer, installer, and user

• Safe, comfortable, and dignified wudu appliance
• A high quality, sanitary grade acrylic finish facilitates cleaning and assists in the fight against unwanted bacteria
• Designed together with a choice of WuduMate taps to ensure that the spouts are in the most comfortable position for wudu and at the right angle to minimise splashing
• A combination of stainless steel, chrome, and high gloss white acrylic, complements innovative lighting schemes
• The avoidance of grout reduces maintenance, facilitates reduction of bacteria, and extends the life of the ablution area
• Individual drainage outlets improve hygiene and help reduce unpleasant odours
• Easy to install as prefabricated components minimise the contractor skills required during construction
• With an increasing number of WuduMate Modular customers, WuduMate has introduced several accessories for mosques, such as taps, stools and non-slip matting, suitable for both those using the WuduMate, and those with traditional trough ablution systems.
• Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), equality and diversity policies

The WuduMate Modular Standing is available as an alternative to the Seated Modular; the Standing Modular has non-slip foot positions for standing wudu which is increasingly popular amongst the younger generation performing wudu in western clothing. When set into the floor with tiling up to the back of the WuduMate, the Standing Modular is accessible for wheelchair users.




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WuduMate is one of the leading suppliers of ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms.

The WuduMate™ range consists of a unique, cost-effective series of appliances for safe, comfortable and dignified ritual washing in commercial...
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