Newton CDM System – Cavity Drain Membrane Type C Waterproofing

Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

Cavity Drain Membrane Type C Waterproofing

The Newton CDM System is a comprehensive Type C waterproofing system and will usually be suggested as one of the forms of waterproofing where a completely dry internal environment is required.

This maintainable basement waterproofing solution is ideal for both new-build basements and refurbishment projects. The system comprises of BBA approved cavity drain membranes, drainage conduits, sump chambers, pumps, and associated control and telemetry systems.

Type C Waterproofing

British Standard 8102:2022 defines Type C waterproofing as “drained protection” where water leaking through the structure is accepted into voids created by cavity drain membranes that are strategically placed to the inside of the structure, depressurising the incoming water before safely removing it from the property.

The Newton CDM System combines their decades of basement waterproofing experience with industry-leading products. It also includes a range of BBA certified cavity drain membranes, and is also the only waterproofing system that is certified to the BES 6001 standard for responsible sourcing. Coupled with the bespoke sump and pump configurations, backup systems, telemetry, and ancillary options, the CDM System is the most reliable and maintainable waterproofing solution for any below ground space.

CDM Products:
-CDM 503 Membrane - 3mm Cavity Drain Membrane
-CDM 503 Mesh Membrane - 3mm Meshed Cavity Drain Membrane
-CDM 508 Membrane - 8mm Cavity Drain Membrane
-CDM 508 eco Floor - Recycled 8mm Cavity Drain Floor Membrane
-CDM 508R Membrane – Gas Certified 8mm Cavity Drain Membrane
-CDM 508 Mesh Membrane – 8mm Meshed Cavity Drain Wall Membrane
-CDM 520 eco Floor Membrane – 20mm Recycled Cavity Drain Floor Membrane
-CDM BaseDrain & FloorDrain – Drainage System
-CDM Fibran XPS-500C 50mm Closed-Cell Thermal Insulation Board
-CDM Baseboard Drainage Channel – Above-Slab Drainage Conduit
-Titan-Pro Pump System - Specialist Cavity Drain Pumping System

Combination Waterproofing
British Standard 8102:2022 recommends combining two or more Types of waterproofing where:
-the assessed risks are deemed to be high;
-the consequences of failure to achieve the required internal environment are deemed too high; or
-the required grade of waterproofing performance is Grade 3

The Newton CDM System can therefore be combined with their Type A Newton HydroBond System or Newton HydroSeal System, and/or their Type B Newton HydroTank System. Professional waterproofing designers should always consider using more than one type of waterproofing to provide enhanced protection to the structure and achieve the necessary environmental grade.


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Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

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