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Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

Injection Resins & Structural Repairs
The Newton LeakInject System is designed to seal and repair cracks and holes in walls, floors, joints, foundations, and concrete structures that suffer from water ingress. Cracks and holes in structures are typically caused by stresses imposed from the surrounding ground as a result of loading, expansion, ground movement or shrinkage.

When left untreated, this damage can affect the stability, safety, and durability of a structure, so an effective solution is essential.

Type B Waterproofing
The British Standard for Waterproofing 8102:2022, the Code of Practice for the “Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water Ingress” defines ‘Type B’ waterproofing as designing the structure itself to be integrally waterproof and the primary resistance to water ingress.

Well designed, well placed, and reinforced concrete structures are the best form of primary water resistance, so long as it is designed in accordance with BS EN 1992. The use of correctly designed and installed injection resins in places such as joints and cracks, will result in a Type B structure that should be fully watertight in its own right.

The Newton LeakInject System includes a range of specialist polyurethane and acrylic injection resins from leading Belgian manufacturer TRADECC, with whom Newton has had a UK partnership since 2019.

Newton supplies TRADECC’s full range of high-performance injection resins, as well as the required ancillaries, installation products and machinery to effectively seal joints and cracks in concrete and achieve an effective Type B structure.

Injection Resin Products:
-Leakinject 2K Flex 6812 LV - Fast Foaming Polyurethane Resin with Low Viscosity
-Leakinject Hydrogel 6880 – Single Component Polyurethane for Stopping Leaks
-Leakinject Uni 6816 E - Low Viscosity Polyurethane Resin for Sealing Large Gaps
-Tunnelinject 2K 6822 LV - Fast Reacting Polyurethane Resin for Sealing High Water Flow
-PC 509 Rubber Acryl - High Elasticity Acrylic Resin for a Permanent Seal

Combination Waterproofing
British Standard 8102:2022 recommends combining two or more Types of waterproofing where:
- the assessed risks are deemed to be high;
- the consequences of failure to achieve the required internal environment are deemed too high; or
- the required grade of waterproofing performance is Grade 3

The Newton LeakInject System can be combined with various other Newton systems, including the CDM System for Type C waterproofing, and the HydroBond and HydroSeal Systems for external and internal Type A waterproofing respectively.


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Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

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