Newton HydroCoat System – Internal Type A Waterproofing

Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

Internal Type A Waterproofing

The Newton HydroCoat System is an internal Type A waterproofing solution for projects that requires an internally applied membrane to resist water ingress.

When waterproofing existing structures to British Standard 8102:2022, there is often a requirement for an internal waterproof membrane. The range of liquid-applied membranes and reinforcement products in the Newton HydroCoat System offer a choice of third-party certified solutions, utilising advanced products that are quick and easy to apply.

Type A Waterproofing
British Standard 8102:2022 defines ‘Type A’ waterproofing as “barrier protection” which can be applied to the external or internal surface of a structure to resist water trying to enter the building.

Internal ‘Type A’ membranes are often the products that are referred to when people talk about the process of “tanking” a basement to protect it from water. Waterproofing barrier membranes that can be applied to the internal ‘negative’ side of the structure include a variety of liquid-applied membranes or slurries that can be installed either by spray machine, trowel, brush or roller.

These membranes must actively hold back water, so it is crucial to select the correct product and to ensure that the substrate is prepared correctly. The Newton HydroCoat System offers a variety to achieve this:

HydroCoat Membranes:
-HydroCoat 103 2K - High Performance Cementitious Coating
-HydroCoat 104 - Crystalline Waterproofing of Concrete
-HydroCoat 105 1K – Cement-Based Waterproofing Slurry and Mortar<
-HydroCoat 107 Elastic 2K - Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane
-Diasen WATSTOP - Epoxy-Cement Waterproofing Coating

Combination Waterproofing
For more robust waterproofing protection, British Standard 8102:2022 recommends that waterproofing design specialists are employed to determine the best use of combined protection where, in a single system: -the assessed risks are deemed to be high;
-the consequences of failure to achieve the required internal environment are deemed too high; or
-the required grade of waterproofing performance is Grade 3

Where a combination is being considered, systems should have different performance characteristics to mitigate the risk of failure. In addition, the compatibility of the different systems should be assessed to minimise risk and negate the need for remedial measures.

Newton HydroCoat can therefore be combined with their external Type A Newton HydroBond System, their Type B Newton HydroTank System and/or the Type C Newton CDM System.


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Newton Waterproofing Systems (John Newton & Company)

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