Overcoming the problem of noise in urban environments

Overcoming the problem of noise in urban environments

More people than ever before are living and working in cities and, within three decades, it is projected that 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. As a result, the built environment must adapt - both to accommodate growth, as well as provide spaces which meet modern requirements in terms of performance, aesthetics and comfort. To make this possible, there is a hidden problem which must be overcome - noise.

Noise is all around and, for those in urban environments, it can pose a real challenge - both in terms of comfort and health. As well as having the potential to interfere with daily activities, it can also disturb sleep, cause cardiovascular effects and even trigger changes in social behaviour, according to the World Health Organisation. Acoustics, therefore, are an important consideration in façade design, and construction materials such as aluminium glazing systems can go a long way to overcoming the problem of noise to ensure interior spaces are comfortable for occupants.

Improving comfort and wellbeing

Glazing already plays an instrumental role in modern buildings, from improving light and transparency through to enhancing thermal insulation, safety and security. These practical advantages can be maximised by architects through their designs, ensuring aesthetics and performance are never compromised.

Providing superior performance in this area, aluminium has long been the material of choice for architects. In addition to its ability to deliver slim sightlines, durability and all-round performance, aluminium systems can also maximise air tightness through intricately designed profiles, in combination with gaskets. This improves acoustic performance and enables aluminium systems to stand up to the demands of modern urban buildings. But there is the potential for aluminium glazing systems to work even harder where acoustics are concerned.

By using a carefully designed interface between the frame and sash, MasterLine SoftTone from Reynaers actively reduces noise ingress - even when the window is open. In practice, sound levels can be reduced by as much as 9dB compared to a traditional open window. This enables occupants to open their windows for effective natural ventilation, without having to suffer from excessive levels of noise from the surrounding environment. In addition to enhancing occupant comfort, this also supports the sustainability of buildings by reducing reliance on mechanical ventilation systems.

By specifying systems which are designed with the challenges of urbanisation in mind, architects can successfully create comfortable living and working spaces which enhance occupant wellbeing - even in the busiest of urban environments.

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