Preston Bus Station: Save or Scrap?

Preston Bus Station: Save or Scrap?

Councillors in Preston are being recommended to approve the demolition of the city’s Bus Station building at a meeting on December 17.

Preston Bus Station & Car Park was built in 1969 and designed by Building Design Partnership. The engineers were Ove Arup. The building is an example of ‘British brutalist’ architecture and made of re-enforced concrete using modular pre-fabricated construction.

The council has explored the option of investing but says refurbishing the current building, could cost up to £23.1m, and even to carry out essential repairs – such as new lifts, ramps and various concrete repairs - would cost in excess of £5.4m.

Leader of Preston City Council, Councillor Peter Rankin said: "This is a truly difficult decision for the council. I do understand why some people like the building and want to keep it. It is a building that creates strong emotions both for and against."

He goes on to explain: “As a council we only have £5m available. We have decided to use this to spearhead development in Preston city centre. We can only spend this money once, and repairing the Bus Station would take all the council’s money and more.”

Rankin adds: “Demolishing and then building a new modern, fit for purpose Bus Station simply delivers better value for money to taxpayers.”

So, what is your opinion? Do you love or hate the building? Save or scrap? We'll pass your opinions on to the council before their meeting on Dec 17th 2012.

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A full report on Preston Bus Station & Car Park setting out the costs and various options is being considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 17 December 2012.

UPDATE 17 December 2012

Preston City Council has approved, in principle, the demolition of Preston Bus Station.

Commenting on this in principle decision, Council Leader Councillor Peter Rankin said:

“Our preferred option would be to refurbish Preston Bus Station. We have spent time and effort looking at refurbishment as an option. But at up to £23m it is simply beyond what the Council can afford. Although we have asked for a second opinion on these costs to be sure before any final decision is made."

He continues: " It is cheaper and better value for money to taxpayers to demolish the building and then work with Lancashire County Council to build a new modern, smaller and fit for purpose Bus Station in its place."

"That is not to say that the bulldozers will arrive tomorrow, next week or indeed next month. We’ve already had some private developer interest in the building. We will talk to any serious investors with a proposition to invest in it for the future."

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