Smart Shopping

The retail industry is facing a revolution, and as in many revolutions, it’s get with it or get left behind. Our homes are already filled with Smart technology – from our boilers, dimmers and cookers to even our front door locks – designed to make our lives easier and more interactive. Now the general consumer wants to see the benefit of these innovations when out and about.

And it’s not just the general public who would benefit from the addition of smart technology to the shopping experience; the retailers can too.

Imagine a shop which was constructed with the latest smart technology. Walking in to a building which is secured with smart sliding doors which protect the goods, shoppers and staff from threat of break-in, theft and criminal attack.

Imagine the temperature or the store being controlled by a smart system or solar control glass, never blasting unnecessarily cold or hot air at you regardless of the weather outside. The long term effect of these can lower energy bills and insurance and overhead costs which could mean lower overall prices for goods.

Imagine going to a store where there are interactive “inspire zones”, which allow customers to try out technologies like virtual reality and connected home devices and appliances.

Imagine a new shopping concept for non-contact item detection; smart shopping trolleys with pre-sorting and automatic goods detection.

Imagine, as a retailer, being able to monitor where the footfall is in your store. New technology, pioneered by a Cambridge based product design and development firm, can tell retailers a shopper’s location – in real time and without expensive infrastructure – to within one metre.

And imagine, as a facilities manager, how important all this information could be. With interactive systems the facilities manager could easily make sure the buildings and their services meet the needs of the people that work (or shop) in them.

Smart technology is coming to a store near you, and you’d be barmy not to benefit from it!

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