STEREO-KINETIC Wall® – Architectural Façade

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STEREO-KINETIC® Wall is a highly innovative architectural façade system that brings dynamic and kinetic elements to building design.

Dynamic Aesthetic:
STEREO-KINETIC® Wall is designed to change dynamically, creating a visually captivating and ever-changing display. It achieves this effect as gusts of wind interact with the metal rectangles, causing them to ripple. This results in a playful rhythm of reflected light, which adds a dynamic and aesthetic dimension to the building's façade.

Unique Cladding System:
This system is protected by patents and is constructed using specially designed components. These components provide a smooth bearing surface and securely hold the freely moving stainless-steel tiles which are suspended from open mesh grating panels.

Versatile Design Options:
STEREO-KINETIC® Wall offers several design options to suit various architectural needs:
Continuous Façade: It can be installed as a continuous façade, covering the entire building or a specific section.
Pattern Design: Architects can design patterns that allow for a desired level of airflow or natural daylight. This customization enables the system to be adapted to the specific requirements of each project.
Graphic Display: The system can also be used to display graphics, further enhancing its versatility as a design element.
Projected Light Shows: The façade can be used to interact with projected lighting, acting as a canvas for artistic and visual displays.

Creative Freedom:
STEREO-KINETIC® Wall empowers architects to approach each project as a unique and creative artwork. Lang+Fulton collaborates closely with clients to understand their concepts and visions and see them through to completion, ensuring that each project is distinctive and original.

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FinishesMarine Grade Stainless steel:
brushed (alternative grit range).

Mild Steel Gratings:
hot-dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461.
SizesMax recommended size 3000x1874mm.


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