Supplying Post Boxes & Parcel Boxes to New Builds & Retrofits

Supplying Post Boxes & Parcel Boxes to New Builds & Retrofits

Letterbox4you started the year with several enquiries from and deliveries to housing developers. Letterboxes for flats and post boxes for homes are one element in their actions to heighten energy efficiency. But, what role do they play in keeping homes warm?

UK House Building 2024
According to the latest forecast* from property firm JLL, there are expected to be 150,000 construction starts in England & Wales during 2024. This is roughly in line with 2023 construction levels. Of the projects completed last year, 84% were built with sustainability in mind, achieving A or B EPC ratings.

That is a significant step in reducing carbon emissions and increasing the energy efficiency of homes. However, this has to be a priority for all new developments. The target is to ensure that all new builds have 75-80% less carbon emissions than the 2013 baseline figure.

To achieve this goal, building developers are embracing renewable energy sources. This is in addition to quality wall, floor and loft insulation, LED lighting and double or triple-glazed windows. We have also been supplying external letterboxes for flats and post boxes for houses to UK building developers. So, what impact do these post boxes have on energy efficiency?

Post Boxes to Boost Energy Efficiency
Controlled ventilation is an important factor in house building, but that is quite different from draughts. Any gaps that let cold air in and warm air out are to be minimised in energy-efficient homes. So, what is one of the easiest ways for draughts to enter a home? It’s through the letterbox.

A home can be fitted with thick insulation and triple glazing, but if there is a gap in the front door, cold air will blow in. Even with letter plates and brushes, this is a weak spot.

Fortunately, this is a simple and low-cost issue to sort out. Rather than putting the letterbox through the door, an external letterbox can be installed. That’s where we come in! Letterbox4you quality post boxes offer a safe, secure and weather-resistant solution that reduces heat loss.

With specialist European suppliers and a dedicated UK warehouse and team, they offer short lead times and excellent customer service. As such, Letterbox4you have become the lead letter and post box supplier to housing developers. In addition, they've just been awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service for the fifth consecutive year!

Retrofit for Energy Efficiency
In addition to new builds, there is a growing focus on retrofitting housing and commercial premises to improve energy efficiency. The construction of new buildings generates significant carbon emissions, so in many cases, it is advantageous to improve the existing property stock.

According to JLL insight, 48% of existing buildings have an EPC rating of D or below. Every step to encourage homeowners, property developers or housing associations to improve this has benefits. In addition to lowering the environmental impact, is the much-needed reduction in energy bills.

The City of London Corporation is one organisation considering policy changes to encourage ‘retrofit first’ thinking. How can existing buildings be repurposed or upgraded to make them future-ready?

Again, many of the retrofit measures are costly, such as installing heat pumps and solar panels. However, there are more affordable steps that move things in the right direction. These include switching to LED lighting and selecting A++ rated appliances. Cheaper still is sealing up through the door letterboxes and installing external post boxes.

The desire to make apartments and homes more appealing to buyers has resulted in another type of enquiry. That is a growing interest in parcel boxes. Households and businesses receive fewer letters and far more parcels than a decade ago. Therefore, having a secure hold for packages is a practical option.

In Summary
Reducing carbon emissions associated with the construction and whole life of buildings is a significant challenge for housing developers. From 2025, all new homes built in England will need to comply with the Future Homes Standard. In addition, there is an opportunity for developers and housing associations to retrofit properties to improve energy efficiency.

Letterboxes are far from the first thought when builders have energy efficiency in mind, yet they offer a low-cost option that plays a part in keeping buildings warm. Letterbox4you would love to see all of the forecast 150,000 constructions starts to avoid a hole in the door. Why not opt for external post boxes instead?

To discuss lead times and get a quote, contact the team: or 01296 839401.


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