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SureFast® fastening system comprises a range of specialist tube washers, fasteners, pressure plates and termination bar for mechanically fastening insulation or membrane to flat roofs. It has been specifically designed to prevent the cold-bridging effect of mechanical fastenings on flat roofing applications.

Designed to be different

Eliminate thermal bridging

The tube washer practically eliminates thermal transmittance meaning insulation U-value calculations are greatly simplified as only minimal correction factors or penalties need to be considered. This not only saves time at the design stage but prevents any increase in material costs incurred by thicker insulation requirements.

Protects waterproofing membrane

Telescopic design means the tube and fastener are not locked together, preventing the fastener from being pushed through the membrane or a thin deck by foot traffic or materials placed on the roof surface.

Drillpoint size and thread ration

Engineered to ensure maximum thread grip and deliver the highest level of pull-out performance.engineered to ensure maximum thread grip and deliver the highest level of pull-out performance.

Secure against unwinding forces

Unique design ensures that the cyclic nature of wind uplift on flat roofing systems does not cause the fastener to unwind.


The tube is manufactured from high-quality polypropylene, allowing it to withstand harsh roof-top environments.

Superior tube design

A barbed tube option is available to achieve higher design values, which can mean fewer fasteners are required. The pointed tube tip aids penetration through the membrane and insulation for quick and easy installation.

ETA approved

ETA approval and CE marked products.

Comprehensive size range

Able to securely fasten insulation thicknesses of up to 500mm.

SureFast product selector

To optimise the benefits of the tube fastener system, the ideal combination is to use the maximum tube washer length and the minimum fastener length. Click here to find out how to select the correct product, and use the SureFast® selector chart.

Product specification

SureFast® tube washers are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene and are available in lengths up to 250mm. The tubes all have an external diameter of 14mm, and an internal diameter that suits all SureFast® fasteners with thread diameters between 4.8mm and 6.1mm.

They are suitable for use with insulation thicknesses of up to 500mm.

SureFast fasteners are available in:

1.4529/HCR (high corrosion resistant) stainless steel
A4/316 stainless steel
Carbon steel with multi-layer organic coating

Technical support

The Fixfast technical team is on hand to help you at any stage of your project from feasibility design through to final specification and tender. Whatever data you need, the technical support team can supply it. They provide detailed technical reports on request, including wind load calculations in accordance with Eurocode BS EN 1991-1-4/NA:2011. They can undertake free on-site pull tests on new build concrete roof and all refurbishment projects to confirm the mechanical security of your flat roof.


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