The advantages of a biometric identification management system

The advantages of a biometric identification management system

In the high-tech based society of today, traditional individual authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete, which is probably why biometric technology is steadily gaining popularity.

In essence, biometrics are automated methods of recognising a person based on a physiological or behavioural characteristic. So, instead of requiring personal ID cards, magnetic cards, keys or passwords, biometrics can identify a unique, physical attributes like fingerprints, a face, iris, palm prints, or retinas of an individual for easy and convenient verification. And, research shows that currently, people have more faith on modern biometric technologies than on traditional security systems.

Biometric based terminals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market due to many of the benefits. In this blog, we look into these benefits.

One of the reasons biometric solutions are so popular today is because they’re highly accepted by many government agencies, multinational organizations, institutions, banks, and hospitals. It’s fast growing in every sector including finance, banking, workforce, borders and most recently for national identity. One of the reasons for this is very likely that biometric attributes are almost impossible to forge or duplicate. Even if you manage to forge a biometric attribute such as a fingerprint, modern biometric devices with liveness detection have the capability to identify a fake from the original. So they’re a lot more secure than traditional security solutions.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of hacking incidents happening every year, and these can be costly. Biometric technology offers different solutions which are nearly impossible to hack unlike traditional methods of security like passwords. Biometric systems also provide more accurate identification, further lowering the risk of unwanted breaches and increasing accountability. Logging activity through a biometric security system helps connect personnel with specific actions or events that can be referred to in the unfortunate case of a security breach.

The technology also is a great cost saver. Modern biometric identification management systems are comprised of hardware and software that are simple to install and easy to use, which reduces the need for intense training and ongoing management costs. Plus, biometric identification management helps save other costs such as the issuance of new ID cards, and replacing lost or damaged ID cards, or the time consuming and resource draining need to reset forgotten or stolen passwords.

In this vein, biometric identification systems can also be seamlessly integrated with workforce management time and attendance systems, access control, surveillance, and visitor management solutions – all managed through a single window on a computer. Biometrics provides centralized control for security administrators.

Biometric security systems are a long term commercial security solution for any business, industry or agency. Efficient, effective, and versatile, biometric security systems will keep your business secure while saving you time, money, and resources. Thousands of organisations worldwide have already implemented biometric time clocks and are seeing reductions in costs and increases in productivity. So what are you waiting for?

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