The benefits of SUDS in construction

The benefits of SUDS in construction

As the construction industry as a whole aims to become more sustainable to meet current regulations, there is a growing feeling that there also needs to be a more sustainable approach to managing surface water. Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) are a natural approach to managing draining around properties and other developments. SUDS works by slowing and holding back the water that runs off from a site, allowing natural processes to break down pollutants. But what are the benefits of using SUDS? I have decided to look at some of the key points that you should consider when thinking about drainage issues on a construction project.

Health and hygiene is of paramount importance and one of the vital plus points of using SUDS is the prevention of water pollution. On site activities lead to numerous pollutants (such as oil, sediments, fertilisers, pesticides, animal waste and litter) that can cause diffuse pollution and adversely affect the environment. Often, this is not managed by traditional piped drainage. Pollutants or contaminants can be washed into sewers and eventually watercourses in surface water runoff, making it difficult to comply with water quality legislation. Some SUDS components provide water quality improvements by reducing sediment and contaminants from runoff either through settlement or biological breakdown of pollutants.

Developers themselves can also hugely benefit from sustainable drainage. The national planning policy encourage the use of SUDS, consequently schemes with SUDS can enable development and the granting of planning permission. Government and regulators also expect SUDS to be incorporated into new developments.

Costs are always one of the most important factors in construction, and SUDS can provide savings on the overall construction and maintenance costs of drainage schemes. Statistics indicate that the use of SUDS and subsequent improved visual attractiveness has been proven to increase house values by 10% to 20%.

With current national and regional policies in place, it seems to be the case that SUDS should be delivered in all new developments. It is proven to provide savings on construction and maintenance costs as well as eliminating the threat of potentially harmful pollutants. These points coupled with the fact that SUDS create green spaces for people in urban areas means we should all be psyched for SUDS.

Hydrorock offer a selection of products that prevent flooding in an effective & sustainable away, as well as being fully SUDS compliant.

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