Time to get vocal about volumetric modular construction

Time to get vocal about volumetric modular construction

The phrase time equals money is true of many things, and none more so than in construction. The heat is on to get projects completed on time, on budget and on point. This can be particularly difficult if a project has a complicated design, or the weather plays a part. This can lead to delays and further expense. However, modern building methods such as volumetric modular construction has come to the rescue, offering many advantages the industry as a whole.
Firstly, let’s define what volumetric modular construction is; Volumetric construction involves the production of three-dimensional units in controlled factory conditions, prior to transportation to site. It’s a form of construction whereby free-standing volumetric modules, complete with finishes for walls, floors and ceilings are constructed and assembled; or manufactured and assembled, in an accredited fabrication facility, in accordance with any accredited fabrication method, and then installed in a building under building works.

Of course, when reading that the first thing that will strike you is, what a time saver. Speed is clearly the most cited advantage when discussing any form of modular construction. If a project can be completed on time, or even ahead of schedule, this can significantly reduce the financial costs of the scheme as a whole. In fact to quantify this, volumetric modular construction can achieve a productivity improvement of up to 50% in terms of manpower and time savings, depending on the complexity of the projects. That is a big figure, and looks an extremely attractive prospect when deliberating at the start of a project on how to approach things.
But the benefits don’t end there. Being a resident of the UK, it’s safe to say we don’t have the sun cream and sangria at the ready large periods of the year, if any! Our climate can play a part in delaying projects, which can be a massive frustration for those involved. However, with volumetric modular construction, you can build all year round, meaning you are unaffected from adverse weather conditions. The structural strength of the buildings also ensure they can face up to any potential weather problems extremely well, this isn’t a choice of speed over strength, volumetric modular construction offers both.

One of the biggest plus points of volumetric modular construction is that the internal fit-out, finishes and building services are pre-installed and commissioned in the modules prior to leaving the factory. This gives you a greater control over the manufacturing process, so the unpredictability factor is removed.
Volumetric modular construction has already played a part in some large scale projects, and this method of construction is also being looked at to solve some massive issues, such as the UK housing crisis. The huge amounts of time and money it can save are obviously very attractive prospects, who doesn’t want have something quicker for less expense without compromising on quality?

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