UK remains a strong base for door and window fittings market

UK remains a strong base for door and window fittings market

The market for door and window fittings is estimated to have a market value of around £475m at manufacturers selling price. The market continues to experience moderate growth, however at a lower rate than in lower than in previous years in line with slowing growth rates for the construction market as a whole.

The door and window fittings market is closely linked to the door and window fabrication and installation markets and the glazing industry in general - a mature market which has shown some steady growth in recent years, as consumer confidence and the economy have improved. Going forward, a similar pattern of marginal but positive growth is anticipated, based on an improving new housing market and a flatter non-residential market.

Polarisation is a key feature of the door and window fittings market, which is characterised at one end by high value, high specification products and low cost, basic product ranges at the other end. Lower value sectors of the market continue to experience significant downward pressure on average prices due to a high level of import penetration.

Whilst the UK retains a strong manufacturing base for door and window fittings with healthy growth in exports in recent years, global supply chains are now an integral feature of the market.

The distribution structure remains fragmented and there are several key channels, including fabricators and systems companies, DIY multiples, builders’ merchants and architectural ironmongers, which all have significant market share and often serve specific key sectors.

There has been little change to the product mix for door and window fittings in recent years. Locks and handles represent the two major sectors, together accounting for an estimated 55% share of the market in 2017. The mechanical locks sector has gradually lost market share as electronic locks have become more widespread.

These leading sectors are followed by door closers, which has benefitted from value growth of 7% between 2015 and 2017 - outperforming the overall market. Key to growth for door closers has been the strengthening of building regulations and strong demand from the private commercial sector.

In the medium-term, these product mix trends are forecast to continue, with locks expected to gradually lose further market share, as electronic locking systems and the ‘smart home’ concept begins to penetrate the residential market to a greater extent. Door closers are also expected to continue to gain market share, as the commercial sector picks up from 2019 onwards, with a likely boost to demand to come from the review of building regulations and fire safety regulations.

Short term forecasts indicate marginal but positive growth, based on improving housing and construction markets - though growth will be constrained by price pressure and strong competition. The outlook for the UK construction market remains positive through to 2021, with improving growth for both residential and non-residential sectors from 2019, although ongoing uncertainty over the impact of Brexit on the wider economy continues to dampen forecasts for medium-term growth.

Going forward, the private sector is forecast to be the main driver for growth into the medium-term - both for new housing and RMI - particularly given the recent steady improvements in consumer confidence and spending. The public sector is also likely to benefit from a number of housing programmes due to commence from 2015 onwards such as the new phase of Decent Homes, Affordable Homes and the ambitious new Government target of increasing the number of new homes built to 300,000 a year.

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