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SDS Aqua-Swirl®
Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator

SDS Aqua-Swirl® is a custom engineered, flow-through water quality device that utilises hydrodynamic separation technology to maximise the removal of coarse sediment, debris and free-floating oil from surface water runoff.

When connected to a SDS SYMBiotIC™ system, SDS Aqua-Swirl® provides real time data on a broad range of key operating factors such as pollutant loads and silt capture level.

SDS Aqua-Swirl® is supplied in the standard version when sizing to its water quality treatment flow rate according to OK-110 (coarse) test sediment. ‘XC’ versions are also available when sizing according to the NJDEP (finer) test sediment.

SDS Aqua-Swirl® is sized according to water quality treatment flow rates which are based on the initial movement of pollutants into the storm drainage system. This flow rate typically represents approximately 90% to 95% of the total pollutants in the runoff volume.

The treatment flow rate of the SDS Aqua-Swirl® system is engineered to meet or exceed the local water quality treatment criteria and form an intrinsic part of the SuDS solution.


SDS Aqua-Filter™
Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator & Filtration Unit

SDS Aqua-Filter™ uses hydrodynamic and gravitational forces to remove gross pollutants from surface water runoff. It then filters out fine sediments, nutrients, heavy metals and hydrocarbons through percolation, adsorption, biological breakdown and ionic exchange, prior to final conveyance.

SDS Aqua-Filter™ is designed to work in an offline configuration to mitigate washout of the contained pollutants and should be installed in sequence immediately following an SDS Aqua-Swirl® unit. It is able to deal with large volume surface water runoff, removing very fine silts and dissolved pollutants that are contained in the initial flush.

The treatment flow rate of the SDS Aqua-Filter™ system is engineered to meet or exceed the local water quality treatment criteria and form an intrinsic part of the SuDS solution train.


SDS Aqua-Xchange™
Engineered Treatment Media

SDS Aqua-Xchange™ is an engineered pollution control and enhanced filter media which uses ionic exchange and filtration to remove soluble and solid pollutants from surface water runoff.

SDS Aqua-Xchange™ uses naturally occurring materials that maximise the pollution adsorption process. It can be installed as part of the new build construction process or retrofitted in established sites.

SDS Aqua-Xchange™ is a granular material suitable for use in devices where stormwater can percolate through the material, allowing sufficient contact time for the pollutants to be captured.

SDS Aqua-Xchange™ can be deployed in a number of stormwater treatment applications including filter drains, dry swales, bio-remediation devices, infiltration basins and catch pits, and with or without attenuation.



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