Why choose a rooflight system?

Why choose a rooflight system?

In recent years rooflights have become a popular and fashionable choice, not just for home extensions and renovations but across numerous sectors, including: commercial, education and healthcare developments.

We explore the main benefits associated with rooflight installation.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Research shows that installing rooflights can positively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In fact, an operating building without rooflights can produce 50% more CO2 than buildings with Rooflights. This is based on a glazed roof area of 12%.

Reduced energy usage

Rooflights help to make the most of natural daylight. Which can dramatically reduce the energy usage (and costs) or a home or workplace. rooflights can help make central office spaces, away from exterior walls, utilise daylight, reducing the need for constant office lighting. rooflights can also help reduce energy usage during the darker winter months by allowing your home, office or warehouse to make full use of the limited daylight hours.

Greater exposure to daylight

Rooflights promote greater exposure to daylight which is proven to have numerous benefits to mental wellbeing and physical health. A lack of natural light can make you lethargic and increase the changes of seasonal affective disorder. Hospital studies have shown that the use of rooflights in the healthcare sector can accelerate the rate of recovery. Exposure to daylight is also proven to improve productivity and motivation.

Environmental control

Installing a hinged or access rooflight could provide a high level of natural ventilation. Rooflights can also help to control interior temperatures, allowing you to keep cool in the summer but warm in the winter. Heat rises, so in the summer an accessible rooflight can allow warm air to escape but when closed during the winter low-emissivity glass can help keep the heat in.


With the increase of urbanisation, especially within cities, it can be hard to provide access to natural light whilst still preserving the privacy of your home or workplace. Commercial and domestic rooflights, installed on a flat roof can still make the most of the daylight whilst preserving privacy. Rooflights are a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms and private living areas.

Roof access

Rooflights can make it easy to access a flat roof. Whether in the home, wanting to make the most of your outdoor space or in working environments for maintenance and upkeep. Box rooflights especially can make it easier to install a staircase for access to a roof terrace or garden.


Rooflights can provide a focal point for both interior and exterior designs. They are a contemporary and stylish lighting solution. A rooflight can open up a room and brighten central spaces within homes, offices or warehouses.

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