Why choose offsite construction?

Why choose offsite construction?

Offsite and pre-fab construction is a hot topic in 2017 but what are the benefits of choosing offsite?


The amount of time an offsite project takes to be manufactured, be delivered to site and be installed on site can be predicted the same way as any other product ordered from a manufacturer. This makes it a more efficient and predictable construction method. Being fabricated offsite in a factory or warehouse means that construction won’t be delayed by outside forces such as the weather and the building can be constructed at the same time as site development occurs cutting down project time.


As an offsite project is constructed in a factory it is much easy to control the environment that workers are operational in, this means the elimination of variables such as weather and visibility. Controlled conditions means fewer errors and dangerous hazards such as a fall from height and equipment accidents are less likely in the factory.


Offsite construction can reduce the number of vehicles and heavy machinery needed on site. Wastage is minimised as a controlled environment means manufacturers can predict their building and material requirements more accurately before construction begins. Materials left over from one project can be used for another and a modular construction can be deconstructed, relocated and reconstructed when it is no longer required.

Less labour

Smaller workforces are required for an offsite construction project, this means contractors will have to pay out less in wages keeping building prices down.

Minimal disruption

As 90% of construction happens offsite there is a reduction in noise and air pollution during an offsite project compared to an onsite build. Fewer vehicles means less disruption to local traffic and greenspaces. An offsite construction project is also less likely to negatively affect other local businesses.


Constructed in a controlled and intimate environment an offsite build is subject to greater and more stringent quality control leading to few issues in the buildings lifetime.

For more information on Offsite Construction have a look at the Offsite Construction Hub.

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