Why choose Solar PV?

Why choose Solar PV?

Green energy solutions have really seen a boost in popularity within the last ten years. Solar power in particular has been cropping up in our cities, towns and rural areas, but what are the benefits of installing a solar PV system?

Zero emissions

An obvious benefit is that solar panels do no produce any harmful greenhouse gasses or pollute water. Using solar energy can drastically reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

Cost effective

Once a solar PV system is installed the energy is produces is a free and natural resource. It won’t cost you anything and it won’t run out. Also, as solar power becomes a more popular option the price of solar panels reduce in price. You can also sell any excess energy produced back to the national grid. In some cases solar PV panels can also be paid for through government incentives.

No noise pollution

PV panels are silent, producing energy with no noise at all which makes them a great solution for energy production in urban and residential areas.

Require little maintenance

Though solar panels can be fairly fragile the cost to maintain them is regarded as low compared with other energy production systems. As PV panels have no mechanical parts, unless they use a sun-tracking base, they are less likely to break due to continued use.

Just add daylight

Solar power works everywhere, even on cloudy days. They only require daylight to produce energy. Though the effectiveness of the solar PV system will be less on cloudy days they will still yield power. Naturally solar systems will be more or less effective depending on location, they are more likely to product more energy on south facing roofs and in sunnier areas, for example a system in Brighton would produce more power than a system in Aberdeen.

Technology growth

The more popular solar PV systems become the more the technology behind them will advance. In the future we could eliminate any niggling problems with solar power generation, reducing solar inefficiency and making the most of unused spaces. Leading to greener energy production and cost effective power!

For more information on solar PV systems check out the Solar PV Hub

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