Why upgrade your office HVAC system?

Why upgrade your office HVAC system?

A good Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system is vital to any office environment. And, though new build commercial and office developments are benefiting from new technologies on the market older office buildings are lagging behind.

But, whats so good about all this new technology and why should you consider upgrading?

Comfort control

Newer systems simply produce better results. New technology means that they can keep a more constant temperature. Heating or cooling your office spaces more consistently. No more extreme rises or drops in temperature throughout the day. Newer systems can also provide a more consistent air flow and offer superior humidity control.

Programmable thermostats

Investments into thermostat technology mean that programmable thermostats now come as standard, allowing for total temperature control. This can be done on a room-by-room basis leading to some significant cost-savings. This can also be beneficial for over weekends when the office is empty.


New HVAC systems tend to be quieter, using sound-absorbing materials to reduce noise levels.

Longer operating life

Advancements in technology mean a longer operating life. High efficiency systems use on-and-off cycling and typically require less extreme repairs as long as they are properly maintained.

Environmental impact

As sustainable technology advances so does HVAC. News systems will use less fuel and comply with current energy-efficiency regulations. To find out more check out our Top 8 sustainable HVAC solutions.

Digital systems

The newest technology means that sensors can be installed throughout the workplace to monitor operational requirements. This will mean that the system will automatically adjust based on the needs of the environment. Some sensor-based systems can also monitor room occupancy and switch off heating and cooling systems is there is no one around to benefit from them. This leads to savings during downtime hours like evenings and weekends.

All of these benefits all lead to a decrease in overall operating and maintenance costs and lead to a more sustainable HVAC solution.

Should you consider upgrading your HVAC system? If its been 10 to 15 years the answer is yes. If your concerned about the lifetime running costs of your office. Yes.

To find out more check out our HVAC and Energy hub.

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