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Window ventilators

Need for ventilation
Every day, the indoor air is being polluted by its inhabitants (breathing, sweating), through their activities (cooking, showering, heating and smoking), but also by the building itself and its furnishing (radon, volatile organic compounds, paint, detergents,...). Excessive insulation and inadequate ventilation create a dead and stale air which accumulates mites, molds, viruses, bacteria, as well as moisture and harmful chemicals such as CO2. A poor indoor climate may cause breathing problems, dry throat, eye irritation, headaches, allergies, impaired concentration, lack of energy, sleepiness, .... Moreover, excess moisture in the home can cause odors, condensation and mold growth, hence the importance to properly ventilate on a regular basis.

Ventilation: for you and your home!
Many people think that opening the window from time to time is sufficient. However, the effect of opening a window is only temporary and ventilation through open windows is uncontrollable (and therefore wasted energy). In addition, opening the window leads to other problems such as noise, the risk of burglary, the intrusion of insects and so on.

Continuous and controlled ventilation is the only effective method to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

RENSON® manufacture a range of Window Ventilators including:

•Overframe window ventilators
•Window ventilators glazed-in/at transom
•Sliding vents
•Conservatory ventilation
•Ventilation for rooms under a roof
•Roller shutter ventilator
•Window ventilator and sun protection

Demand-controlled ventilation

Healthbox® II includes new innovative technology. SmartZone technology ensures that the house is optimally ventilated, according to the resident’s activities. The new TouchDisplay allows the residents to control their own personalised ventilation program whilst measuring and displaying indoor air quality. This ventilation system can help homes reduce their energy consumption whilst creating a healthy indoor environment.

1. Self-regulating supply (P3-P4)
The self-regulating flap ensures that there is a constant air flow rate despite changes in wind speeds outside. With this type of regulation RENSON® window ventilation systems can guarantee a comfortable, healthy air supply without the nuisance caused by draughts.

2. Transit
The flow of air through doors is allowed by door grilles (min. airflow of 25 m3/h at 2 Pa) such as the Silendo® (an acoustically damping door louvre) or the Invisido® (a discreet door lourve above the door).

3. Extraction on-demand
The RENSON® software intelligently regulates the control modules so that energy savings can be made and a healthy indoor environment is maintained. Extraction rates are controlled in wet and dry rooms depending on the presence of people, humidity and CO2 levels.

• Moisture control: there is a temperature and humidity sensor in the control module. This electronic sensor responds quickly and dynamically to changes in the relative humidity level in your home.
• CO2 cont rol: there is a CO2 sensor in the control module. This sensor responds quickly to changes in the CO2 level inside the house. It detects CO2 in absolute as well as dynamic terms. Thanks to its dynamic operation, the presence of people can be detected wirelessly.
• Central ventilator: the electronically controlled EC motor is under control of the central processor. This ensures that the motor always runs according to the optimal conditions. The appropriate extraction rate is regulated for each room, with minimal power consumption.


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