Writing a CPD seminar – the job that’s never finished

Writing a CPD seminar – the job that’s never finished

This year Chris Ashworth of Competitive Advantage has taken you through the stages of writing and implementing a CPD seminar. But it’s a process that’s never finished! Here’s why.

Having written the CPD seminar and issued it to the sales team, there is a temptation to close the file and forget about it. But it is important, after the seminar has been delivered a few times, to review feedback forms and follow up with presenters to ensure that all is going smoothly:

• Is the timing right?
• Are all the slides easily understood?
• Do presenters have trouble explaining any of the slides, what enhancements would be beneficial?
• Could additional marketing tools be developed to support the seminar?
• What about prepared support material for questions that are frequently asked?
• And is audience feedback suggesting other topics for seminars?

Don’t just rely on presenter feedback, it is beneficial for the author to attend some of the seminars and see it being delivered. This might highlight sections where the presenter is not following the script or suggest opportunities for improvement.

A key theme of delivering CPD is to build the reputation of the presenter and their organisation as a Trusted Advisor. That is, someone who is an industry expert who can be relied on to provide accurate information. A common failing with CPDs is to forget to update them when information changes, particularly regulations. And nothing undermines the credibility of the presenter more than quoting out of date information. So, review the content annually or when there are major legislative changes, such as revision to one of the Approved Documents from the Building Regulations.

A technical seminar is a great tool for building relationships, explaining product specifications and introducing your product onto projects. But it needs ongoing maintenance.

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Further Information

Chris Ashworth is founder of Competitive Advantage Consultancy which specialises in helping building product manufacturers to be more effective at getting their products selected. Services include bespoke market research, learning and development programmes, a range of sales and marketing tools and implementation consultancy.

Competitive Advantage work with clients to help them develop effective CPD programmes and to help sales teams with presentation skills. Sign up to the Competitive Advantage newsletter for an overview of construction market activity as well as construction sales and marketing advice.

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