10 marketing tips for building product manufacturers

10 marketing tips for building product manufacturers

We recently held a Twitter Chat with Chris Ashworth, specialist in specification strategy and founder of Competitive Advantage Consultancy, about how product manufacturers can effectively communicate with specifiers.

Below are 10 tips for product manufacturers following the chat:

1. Identify the key influencer(s) in a project – The influencer may change depending on the contract, for example, for a Traditional Contract the Architect is most likely to be the key influencer as they distill requirements and advise the whole Decision Making Unit (DMU). However, Contractors can have the power to veto product choice and the Client is also an important influencer.

2. Speak the Architect’s language and provide solutions – Many Architects are SMEs, so time is precious and they need to find accurate information, quickly. Provide good technical advice and provide the solution to their problem.

3. Develop a marketing strategy based on fact – Researching your target market helps you understand what drives product selection, and what information is needed at what stage, and to which professional.

4. Understand the communication channels the key influencers use – Past Construction Media Index (CMI) reports suggest Contractors use online webinars and online video more than architects and engineers.

5. Use social media as part of your communication strategy – Social media is now accepted as a valuable form of communication, for companies of all sizes. Get involved in conversations, and be useful when specifiers share their problems.

6. Provide strong technical specifications – and ensure they are hard to break.

7. Deliver great technical support and become the Trusted Advisor - Specifiers will need support online, offline and also face-to-face, so ensure it is available in the right format, at the right time.

8. Show why your products have strategic importance – and explain how they can solve the specifier’s problem.

9. Use CPD content effectively – CPDs can be used to get in front of specifiers but it is important not to sell. Accrediting your CPDs acts as a quality mark as well as giving CPD points. Select the accreditation that is relevant to customers, but remember it can be used with all professions – and multiple accreditations can also add value.

10. Be aware of industry changes – At the moment, BIM, sustainability, assured performance and off-shoring are all things manufacturers need to consider. BIM is impacting on the dynamics of the Decision Making Unit, the Contractor’s influence has already increased and Facilities Management will see growth in influence. The Government also provides influence through legislation and initiatives.

Further Information

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Find out how Barbour Product Search can help promote your company, products and content to the specification audience by emailing editor@barbourproductsearch.info.

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