Addressing the skills shortage in Construction-specific marketing

Addressing the skills shortage in Construction-specific marketing

Guest post written by Mike Lomax Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG) and Marketing Communications Manager at Tarmac.

I Chair the Chartered institute of Marketings Construction Industry Group CIMCIG and I would like to give you a ‘heads up’ on something very new for our industry.

As marketeers we all know the value of properly focused campaigns and new products ...geared to meet the customer’s specific requirements and tailored to make sure we get the best possible result.
That’s why we at CIMCIG have created a new qualification with CIM to meet the specific needs of people starting off in a construction industry marketing role. We don’t think that ‘one size fits all’ marketing knowledge is correct for such a diverse and complex marketplace.

In my early marketing years I started out with Pilkingtons .... A great ‘Blue Chip’ company with a terrific brand. But the marketing qualifications I was involved in then were often focused on FMCG based methodologies and it was sometimes difficult to morph them into a form that suited the work I was doing. I often thought then that it would have been useful to have a more focused training to meet my needs.

Marketing in the construction industry can be very demanding and we all want to make a real impact on our businesses . So with a unique focus on our industry we have created a course that can equip individuals with the practical skills and knowledge quickly so that they can immediately put into practice in their job to have that speedy effect on their businesses.

Here’s how - The course runs for approximately 9 months and in that time it is mainly done on-line to avoid job disruption as much as possible. There is also the benefit of a mentorship programme by a construction industry expert who will help them to understand the issues of the wider industry. In this way they will have insight that stretch beyond the classroom
The mentor will also monitor their progress and work with them to show them how they will make a positive commercial impact on their business.

We think it’s a really positive step to gear up the skills of our industry in a very tailored way and provide a solid bespoke platform for us to give our industry marketeers the best possible grounding for them to carve out a brilliant and successful career in the world of construction

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