7 LED lighting designs turning the plain into picturesque

7 LED lighting designs turning the plain into picturesque

LED lighting not only saves you money and energy, but they can be utilised to turn an otherwise standard item into something a bit more exciting. We’ve gathered 7 different designs that do just that.

1. Electric Umbrella
There will be plenty of singing in the rain if you get hold of one of these in a storm. Can brighten up a dreary day.

2. Illuminated furniture
Your living room will be the envy of friends and family with a couch that turns an ordinary space into a colourful creation. Use LED lighting and let the ideas flow.

3. Fluorescent flowers
It’s a nice gesture to give your loved one some flowers, but even nicer if they glow in the dark. For this you use a doily dimensional flower punch and an LED branch.

4.LED Clouds
Create a dreamy state by installing some LED clouds. Just combine, cotton wool and a paper lantern with an LED flameless candle and hey presto, a great effect perfect for a nursery or fantasy themed room.

5. LED candyfloss
Replace traditional candyfloss sticks with multi-coloured LED wands and you get something that tastes just as good as it looks.

6. LED lego lamps
You are never too old play with Lego. That has never been truer with LED Lego lamps. You can design away till your heart’s content adding these to your home.

7. Bottle chandeliers
Just drop some LED lights into some bottles and see the fine effect this can create. Very easy and resourceful.

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