8 tips for creating an effective specification strategy

8 tips for creating an effective specification strategy

We recently held an exclusive Twitter Chat with Chris Ashworth, specialist in specification strategy and founder of Competitive Advantage Consultancy, about creating an effective specification strategy.

Below are 8 tips for product manufacturers:

1. Provide good technical support – specifiers will need support online, offline and also face-to-face, so ensure it is available in the right format, at the right time.

2. Build long term relationships – become a ‘Trusted Advisor’, the person specifiers go to for advice. Be approachable and have a sales team that is reliable and always available to help.

3. Have well written specifications – and ensure that they are hard to break.

4. Use content effectively – CPDs are a good starting point to get in front of specifiers, but it is important not to sell. Whitepapers are also a good way to demonstrate expertise. Once you have content, promote it effectively – for example through your own website and other channels, such as Barbour Product Search.

5. Identify the decision makers in a project team – Understand the specification process and talk to specifiers to understand their needs – for example by attending industry events and reading trade press.

6. Use market research effectively – it is important to understand the market, who the decision makers are and what performances they require.

7. Understand the implications of BIM – BIM is changing the way products are specified. There is more informed decision making at the start of the process and less product substitution by contractors. BIM4M2 is a useful resource to support manufacturers in their BIM adoption, with tools coming soon to help decide whether BIM is needed for your products.

8. Promote your sustainability credentials – Let the industry know if your products meet sustainability accreditations. Provide data recognised by BREEAM & SKA. Consider Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) or schemes for your industry.

Further Information
Visit Competitive Advantage’s Knowledge Hub for more information about specification strategy.

Find out how Barbour Product Search can help promote your company, products and content to the specification audience by emailing editor@barbourproductsearch.info.

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