Asphalts for driveways, parking areas and large retail/commercial car parks

Tarmac Asphalt

ULTIDRIVE - Durable, long lasting asphalt for driveways and parking areas
ULTIDRIVE is a high performance asphalt with a smooth and highly durable finish that keeps its premium appearance for longer. An advanced modified binder reduces softening in hot weather and enhances the toughness of the surface. The advanced modified binder also gives enhanced resistance to temporary fuel and oil spills compared to conventional asphalt surfacing.
Find out more about ULTIDRIVE here.

ULTICOLOUR - Coloured asphalts for driveways, roads and car parks
Coloured asphalts that combine a clear polymer modified binder, with a selected pigment and complementary aggregate to produce a range of bright, long lasting coloured surfaces. It can be used for roads, driveways, car parks, footpaths, cycleways and pedestrian areas and is available colours that complement a range of architectural designs and built environments. Ulticolour Porous is also available as a coloured porous asphalt for improved drainage and compliance with local planning rules.

ULTIFASTPAVE – fast, long lasting single layer resurfacing for car parks and roads
ULTIFASTPAVE is an advanced single layer asphalt from Tarmac that allows fast resurfacing of car parks and link roads and provides a durable, long lasting finish. By replacing the need for a binder and surface course it reduces construction time and long site closures.
Find out more about ULTIFASTPAVE here.

ULTIDRIVE POROUS - Porous asphalt for driveways and parking areas
Combining excellent drainage characteristics with long term durability, Ultidrive Porous is a hard-wearing porous asphalt that eliminates the problem of surface water while meeting relevant local planning requirements. Available for driveways and parking areas as a 6mm or a 10mm porous surface course and a 20mm binder course. Using the latest porous asphalt technology and a modified binder, the open aggregate structure allows effective drainage and avoids surface water.
Find out more about ULTIDRIVE Porous here.

ULTISUDS - Porous asphalt for retail and commercial parking areas
The ULTISuDS range of porous asphalts is designed for use in sustainable design systems for large parking areas on retail and commercial sites. It allows rain to permeate the pavement and avoid excessive run off and localised flooding after heavy rainfall. ULTISuDS is only available for installation by Tarmac accredited contractors and has BBA certification.


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Tarmac Asphalt

Tarmac Asphalt

Since Tarmac invented the modern road surface in 1902, they have been at the forefront of technological advances in asphalt materials. Today they are helping the industry to develop more sustainable construction solutions.

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