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Choosing the right material for pothole repairs.

Tarmac have developed a range of material options for highway repairs, depending on the plant and equipment available and how maintenance teams prefer to work. Investing in smarter materials can highways maintenance engineer, save time, increase productivity and ensure high quality, permanent repairs.

Permanent Cold Lay Pothole Repair:

Access to materials - Saving time on pothole repairs. Ultipatch Pothole is a cold lay asphalts that allows instant access to materials from depots, either in bulk loads or in user friendly smaller bags. This can save time and help highways maintenance team to respond quickly to emergency call outs or complete more work per shift.

Site mixed asphalt for use with asphalt heaters:

Helping their customers to avoid waste has been a key aim when designing Tarmac’s range of asphalts. Using pothole repair asphalts in just the right amount and advanced asphalts that stay usable for longer, big reductions in wasted materials can be achieved.

Longer lasting hotbox asphalt

The full compaction of the asphalt is vital to achieve a durable defect repair, with temperature being paramount. Tarmac provide hot asphalts that have extended life to ensure highways teams are able to attain correct compaction throughout all of the working day. Cold lay asphalts supplied in bulk or prepacked offer alternative solutions, along with site mixed asphalt, that provide fresh hot asphalt at the point of use.

Pothole repairs in cold and wet weather:

Few of us perform better in the British rain. Something that does is ULTIPATCH Viafix Quick, an extreme performance, all weather, HAPAS approved Permanent Cold-Lay Surfacing Asphalt. It remains workable even in very low temperatures and rainwater actually helps it to harden.

Repairing damage to concrete roads:

Sometimes the causes of potholes are deeper. Over 1,200km of concrete pavement are thought to be in use on Highways England’s strategic road network, with more across the local authority network. Failure and movement in the base of the road will cause repeated failure of any surface repair unless it is put right.

Tarmac supply a wide range of specialist concretes and mortars designed and approved for use on highways.

Reinstatement and repair of footpaths:

BBA HAPAS cold-lay asphalt for fast, permanent footpath reinstatement.

Developed for a fast, effective, permanent reinstatement for footway, footpaths and cycle tracks. ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY is designed for the utility sector, combining a long storage life with excellent workability and surface finish.


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Tarmac Asphalt

Tarmac Asphalt

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