Asphalts made with lower carbon emissions and higher recycled content

Tarmac Asphalt

ULTILOW - Sustainable, low carbon warm mix asphalts
ULTILOW warm mix asphalts are manufactured at lower temperatures than conventional hot mix asphalts. They use less fuel during the manufacturing process which reduces associated carbon emissions for improved sustainability and reduced impact on climate change.

The All Party Parliamentary Group [APPG] on Highways issued a report in September 2019 that identified warm mix asphalts (WMA) as an under exploited opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions associated with asphalt production on highways projects. Warm mix asphalts support C02 savings of up to 15%. Typical savings are in the region of 8-10% and there is no compromise on performance. Using the figures from the report; if all asphalt production in Great Britain in 2017 had been switched to WMA, it would have saved at least 61,000 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of cutting almost 300 million miles of car journeys.

Find out more about ULTILOW here.

Rubber modified asphalts – incorporating rubber from recycled tyres
Tarmac’s rubber modified asphalts enable old tyres to be converted into new roads and footpaths. As a result, they help to offset the environmental impact of highways maintenance activities and send out a strong local sustainability message.

Rubber modified asphalts incorporate the rubber from one tyre per tonne of asphalt, giving the potential to recycle about 500 tyres per kilometre of road, depending on layer thickness. Reinforcing steel from truck tyres is also recycled to make new steel. Fibres and fine dust from the recycling process, which have no alternative uses, are used as a fuel in Tarmac’s cement kilns.

Find out more about Tarmac's rubber modified asphalts here.


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Tarmac Asphalt

Tarmac Asphalt

Since Tarmac invented the modern road surface in 1902, they have been at the forefront of technological advances in asphalt materials. Today they are helping the industry to develop more sustainable construction solutions.

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