Heavy duty, HGV resisting asphalts for commercial and industrial environments

Tarmac Asphalt

ULTIPHALT HD - Heavy duty asphalt
Using proven SMA technology and an advanced modified binder, ULTIPHALT HD has been specially designed to offer long term durability and performance in challenging locations. ULTIPHALT HD is proven to deliver lasting performance in the most challenging environments, including lorry parks, ports and distribution centres.

Find out more about ULTIPHALT HD here. ULTISHIELD – Fuel resisting asphalt
Using an advanced modified binder and high quality aggregate, ULTISHIELD is a super dense SMA from Tarmac, that is designed to withstand the harmful effects of contamination by fuel and oils. ULTISHIELD offers superior resistance to fuel and oils spills, deformation and turning stresses from heavy vehicles. It is suitable for taxi ranks, service stations, lay-bys, bus stops, car parks and distribution centres. ULTISHIELD can be laid quickly and trafficked within hours depending on ambient conditions compared to lengthy delays in opening concrete surfaces.

Find out more about ULTISHIELD here


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Tarmac Asphalt

Tarmac Asphalt

Since Tarmac invented the modern road surface in 1902, they have been at the forefront of technological advances in asphalt materials. Today they are helping the industry to develop more sustainable construction solutions.

Their Ultilow...
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