Cladding - not just a rainscreen

Cladding - not just a rainscreen

Cladding is a term for the external skin of a building which has primary function of protecting it from the elements. Cladding also contributes to the aesthetic effect and performance of a building. There are many types of cladding available including systems that form the full thickness of the vertical envelope to those which provide just the outer layer, with additional layers providing insulation and the internal lining.

The following case studies demonstrate the versatility of cladding as well as highlighting some of the key things to consider when specifying cladding systems in any project.

Showcase a brand identity
When Carlsberg UK built an extension to the bottling plant at its brewery in Northampton it wanted the new building to stand out externally as a great building. A major contribution to this aim was made possible by the choice of Rockspan and Europanel stone wool core cladding panels manufactured by Eurobond Laminates. A combination of panels in five shade of green were chosen for the project which allowed the external appearance of the building to reflect the Carlsberg brand.

Eurobond Laminates stone wool core cladding Carlsberg UK

Consider the elements
Tower Wood is Lancashire County Council's Outdoor Educational Centre. Set in 12 acres of lawns and woodland on the eastern shore of Lake Windermere the centre is clad in ThermoWood® Scandinavian Redwood timber cladding in order to blend in with the stunning surrounding landscape.

Silva Timber ThermoWood cladding Tower Wood Outdoor Educational Centre

Due to the location of the centre, however, humidity is a concern for algae growth and moisture damage to any exposed timber. In order to protect the wood from the elements Silva Timber supplied the ThermoWood® cladding pre-finished with Sansin SDF HT. ThermoWood® is known for high durability and physical stability. However as with all wood, it is susceptible to weathering once exposed to UV rays or moisture. In light of these issues, protecting the ThermoWood® with a suitable wood finish was essential to ensuring the longevity of the wood in exterior applications.

Improve performance
Steni cladding panels were used in the £3.6million refurbishment of three residential tower blocks in Aberdeen. Morven and Grampian Courts, and the sheltered housing scheme Brimmond Court, which were built in 1969/70, had been identified for a thermal upgrade under the city council’s housing capital programme. The three buildings were over- clad with external solid wall insulation and Steni’s Nature and Colour rainscreen panels with the aim of increasing their energy efficiency and helping to reduce residents’ bills.

Aberdeen council state that the external walls are now three times better at retaining heat than they were prior to the works. The Steni panels play an important part in the project by improving the weather tightness of the building fabric and to protect the existing reinforced concrete structure and precast concrete cladding panels from the elements.

Make a statement
Foster + Partners alongside main contractor Lend Lease delivered the £125m SSE Hydro, a major new concert venue on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow. The building sports an entirely ETFE facade provided by integrated cladding specialist Novum Structures. The facade forms one of the largest examples of ETFE being used as a wall cladding structure rather than a roofing material to date. At night this enables the external envelope of the Hydro to morph into a giant, multi-coloured, illuminated screen displaying dazzling light shows to compliment the music concerts within.

Novum ETFE cladding SSE_Hydro

These case studies demonstrate a few of the ways that an effective cladding system can be used to impact the aesthetics and performance of a building. Have you worked on a project with an unusual cladding application, or are you looking for the perfect facade solution? Use the links below to browse more case studies or to get in touch to talk to us about your requirements.

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