How Digitalisation will Unlock Circular Construction

How Digitalisation will Unlock Circular Construction

Due to its important and substantial resource intensity, the build environment is an ideal sector for taking advantage of the circular economy. However, due to the unique characteristics and complex character of the circular economy, the culture of ‘’circularity’’ has historically been limited. The concept is defined as a system based on strategies that reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover materials in the production, distribution, and consumption process by changing the end-of-life concept. The goal of circular economy is to achieve sustainable development via the realization of environmental quality, economic prosperity, and social equity. To effectively overcome the circularity challenges, digitalization and breakthrough technology implementation are crucial.

Information on resources, their specifications and uses throughout the product life cycle and value chain is needed to unlock enormous opportunities for the building environment sector that arise from the circular economy. The key to obtaining and exploiting such information is digitalisation. Digital solutions provide real time data on the location, condition, and availability of construction products. It also improves traceability of materials and makes processes more convenient and efficient, thereby allowing easier access to products. It should be emphasised that a supportive government policy for circular models, could increase capital flows and public awareness. While inappropriately rigid policies and regulations could leave smaller businesses without the flexibility to try and implement circular models using breakthrough technologies. Political emphasis on the potential of digital/circular solutions boosts growth and improves awareness of new products and services among clients and suppliers. New paradigms for production, consumption and living are being offered by circular construction derived from the use of digital technology. This offers an invaluable opportunity for human society.

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