The Full Package of Insight from AMA Research

The Full Package of Insight from AMA Research

A variety of factors can make the construction industry appear unpredictable. This seeming unpredictability can stem from a variety of factors, from major issues such as: supply & demand issues, labour shortages, political and international concerns; all the way to on-the-job concerns around the unique structure of each and every building, weather conditions and issues between various businesses working on the same projects.

In order for your product manufacturing business to make informed decisions, plan strategically for the future and mitigate risks, it is vital that you have the best tools at your disposal to know what is happening in your sector, region and overall industry.

At Barbour Product Search we know that many product manufacturers are currently struggling with labour, skills and supply shortages. To provide you with the resources that can help you strategise efficiently in this resource-light period, we would like to introduce you to our sister brand AMA Research.

AMA Research is the leading specialist provider of market research and insight to the UK building and construction industry. Through their extensive research and reports they can help you eliminate guesswork in strategic decision making, giving you the confidence that you’re steering your product manufacturing business in the right direction.

With the help of AMA Research you can:

- Spot and take advantage of new market opportunities.
- Have a greater understanding of your supply chain, from procurement to distribution.
- Have a thorough analysis of your buyers and competitors.

AMA Research is highly regarded for its industry leading market reports. With a library of over 150 market reports, AMA Research provide an unrivalled depth of information and data.

If you need to delve even deeper into an bespoke area of insight, AMA Research’s Consultancy team are on hand to help with business strategy, supply chain management, new product or service development and your business development & marketing.

AMA Research are able to create insightful reports by using Barbour ABI’s data, which gives the team of research experts access to the data and technological tools of a global research house.

The business release a variety of market reports which include four years of forecasting information and a historical view of the topic. Ranging from product, service and sector reports, AMA Research ensure there is a solution available for every business within the built environment.

On top of providing reports specific to one topic, AMA Research also offer users the opportunity to access their entire market report library, which includes over 150 reports.

At just a fraction of the cost of buying each report individually, the Full Report Package can help you stay ahead of critical trends and provide you with the insight you require at the click of a button.

For more information on this, please visit their website or contact the team

Why choose AMA Research?

Take a look at some of the great testimonials AMA Research have received from varied organisations across the construction industry. A Barbour Product Search client, Saint-Gobain, has also used AMA Research and explains the benefits, as a product manufacturer, below.

“We have worked with AMA on several bespoke projects and they have met the objectives and executed the projects in a professional manner. They were accommodating throughout and we would definitely work with them in the future.”- Matt Beesley, Saint Gobain

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