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Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Toptint Decorative Concrete
Toptint coloured concrete is a proven product with an excellent track record. Designed to inspire, Toptint provides architects and designers with total freedom to express themselves. It is ideal for internal floors, external walkways and the creation of eye-catching urban landscapes and is available in a wide array of colours, textures and finishes:

• Toptint Exposed is a robust exterior concrete with a graveled finish.
• Toptint Colour is a collection of concretes in a wide palette of colours.
• Toptint Print is a lifelike range of textural pavements, stone and natural effect finishes.
• Toptint Polish has a smooth texture like polished marble for use indoors and outdoors.
• Toptint Stone looks and feels like natural stone in every detail.

Find out more about Toptint here.

Toptint Glow
Toptint Glow is a decorative concrete surface that not only looks beautiful in the day time, it also glows in the dark or dimly lit areas. Toptint Glow works by absorbing natural and artificial UV radiation during the day and radiating it at night as a visible light.

Find out more about Toptint Glow here


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Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Tarmac Concrete and Screed

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