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Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Topproof Waterproof Concrete
Tarmac TopProof waterproof concrete offers a simple, cost effective alternative to traditional watertight construction methods. Concrete is naturally porous. This can be a problem for sites exposed to harsh weather conditions , chemical attacks , high humidity and for surfaces that are in constant contact with water. TopProof uses specialist admixtures to produce concrete with very low porosity.

This makes it suitable for use with fully watertight systems in a wide range of environments and applications. This includes: Swimming pools; leisure centres; aquariums, water treatment plants, sewers and drainage structures; bridges; river and coastal defences; moisture critical environments like: computer rooms, electrical and plant rooms; storage facilities; basements; car parks; lift pits; tunnels.

It saves time by eliminating the need for additional membranes or finishes. It also enhances resistance to chloride diffusion, reducing the risk of reinforcement corrosion and improving long term durability.

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Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Tarmac Concrete and Screed

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