Toproc Rapid high early strength and durable concrete

Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Toproc Rapid high early strength concrete is as easy to place as conventional concrete and develops high strength soon after pouring. Unlike other concretes that require between 12-20 hours before formwork can be removed, Toproc Rapid becomes effective in as little as four hours allowing construction to continue. A range of ready-formulated Toproc Rapid products are available to meet all different types of strength requirements, with setting times ranging from four hours to 48 hours, or longer, if specification requires. Benefits include less disruption and cost penalties, accelerated construction, easy to place, and more flexible construction times.

TOPROC UW – Under Water • High consistency, high strength concrete • Wash-out reduced by up to 50% • Scour and wear resistant when hardened • Less harmful to flora and sea life Applications: all underwater constructions, bridges, water defences, wind farms, oil rigs.

TOPROC MF – Macro Fibre • Provides high strength and eliminates ‘A’ grade crack control mesh • Increased strength and crack resistance • Reduces costs over a longer lifetime Applications: heavy industrial floors, external hard standings, recycling plants, retail flooring

TOPROC SY – Scrap Yard • Extreme abrasion/wear resistance • Wide joint spacing possible • Resistant to continuous shock loading • Excellent initial impact and post-crack performance • Can eliminate ‘A’ grade crack control mesh Applications: scrap yards, recycling plant floors, industrial flooring, docksides, loading bays

TOPROC ED – Early Drying • Quicker drying than conventional concretes • Concrete can be walked on after just 18 hours • Can be trafficked by light vehicles after 24 hours • 75% relative humidity within 7-21 days (depending on ambient temperature) Applications: flooring, bridge decks, underpass soffits, resin toppings and tiles, retail spaces

TOPROC CR – Chemical Resistant • High resistance to a variety of chemicals • Less wear in high abrasion environments • Reduces costs over longer lifetime Applications: chemical works, effluent treatment plants, waste storage, recycling depots

TOPROC HR – Heat Resistant • Extreme heat resistance • High bond to concrete and steel • High strength – compressive, flexural and tensile • Very low permeability Applications: foundry floors, molten metal splash areas, fire resistant sections, cladding and coating

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Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Tarmac Concrete and Screed

Tarmac's Readymix business is the UK’s leading supplier of innovative concrete solutions. Their range of specialist concretes includes 1000’s of different formulations, ranging from self-compacting and early strength mixes, to underwater and heat...
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