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Mapei (UK)

Mapefer 1k
Mapefer 1k is a one-component mortar based on polymers in water dispersion, cement binders with active corrosion inhibitors, to be applied on steel reinforcing rods to prevent rust formation. It can also be applied in underground concrete constructions.

Mapegrout Range
Mapegrout Range is a selection of products which are the ideal solution for the repair of concrete. The range consists of; Mapegrout Easy Flow, a one-component sulphate-resistant, fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar. Mapegrout Hi-Flow and Mapegrout Thixotropic, controlled-shrinkage fibre-reinforced fluid grouts. Mapegrout SV and Mapegrout SV T are both quick-setting, controlled-shrinkage mortar for repairing concrete and fastening drains, manhole covers and roadwork fittings in place. Mapegrout T40, medium strength (40 MPa) thixotropic mortar and Mapegrout T60, a sulphate-resistant thixotropic fibre-reinforced mortar. All mortars are compliant with EN 1504-3.

Mapemortar HB R3
Mapemortar HB R3 is a shrinkage compensated repair mortar that can be applied to thicknesses of 80mm. The mortar is fully compliant to EN 1504-3.

Planitop Smooth and Repair
Planitop Smooth and Repair is a versatile repair mortar that can be applied from thicknesses of 3mm to 40mm. The mortar can be applied to a very smooth finish. Planitop Smooth and Repair is available as an R2 and a R4 mortar (EN 1504-3).

Mapeshield E 25
Mapeshield E 25 are adhesive zinc plates applied directly to the surface of structures for galvanic cathodic protection against the corrosion of steel reinforcement rods. Mapeshield S, is a zinc plate with adhesive backing used for galvanic cathodic protection against the corrosion of steel structures exposed to atmospheric conditions. Mapeshield I, is an internal pure zinc anode coated with a special conductive paste, again for galvanic cathodic protection against corrosion of steel reinforcement in new structures and in structures requiring repair.

Colorite Beton
Colorite Beton is a semi-transparent, anti-carbonation acrylic paint for general cementitious substrates offering long lasting and durable protection against damage caused by extreme climates and aggressive polluting agents. Compatible with Mapei’s concrete repair and facade systems and fully compliant to EN 1504-2, the highly durable, water-resistant paint is ideal for coating concrete structures, reinforced concrete and general cementitious surfaces.


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Mapei (UK)

Mapei (UK)

Founded in 1937, Mapei is the world-leading manufacturer of adhesives and chemical building products, and a specialist in the production of adhesives and preparation products for the installation of wall and floor coverings. Its extensive product...
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