FASERFIX®KS Drainage Channels

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Surface water in all kinds of areas must be allowed to drain away quickly and reliably. This requires drainage channels that will permanently withstand the loads applied from the expected traffic conditions. In particular this applies to zones exposed to heavy traffic in public and industrial areas. In addition to their technical function, drainage channels are expected to contribute visually to the attractiveness of surfaces with their form, colour and the material of the gratings. Some special applications also call for flexible channel systems – the products must be capable of being adapted to all drainage tasks.

FASERFIX SUPER channels offer solutions for any type of application in heavy duty traffic areas. They are manufactured from fibre-reinforced concrete which, compared to normal concrete, has greater strength and reduced thickness of the side walls. In addition, they feature a higher tensile strength.

No supporting backing of the channel body is required during installation. There are no restricting cross ridges in the base of the channel. The top edges and bearing surfaces for the gratings consist of corrosion-proof angle housings in galvanised steel or stainless steel which are firmly tied to the channel body through ties that reach down to the base of the channel. FASERFIX SUPER are resistant to frost and salt. The lower parts of the channels feature safety joints that can be sealed during installation against liquids, using elastic injection sealers such as the MASTERFLEX 700 FR gun grade polysulphide sealing compound.

The channels can be supplied with or without in-built fall. Finally, numerous gratings for different load classes are available in the materials ductile iron, galvanised steel or stainless steel. With the SIDE-LOCK boltless locking system the gratings are safely fixed to the channels. The classification and testing meets the requirements of DIN EN 1433. Upon request we are happy to supply copies of the test certifi cates issued by the official material testing station at the University of Karlsruhe.

FASERFIX SUPER channels are CE-marked.

It can be used for traffic areas for industry and commerce, trade, trade fairs / exhibitions, railway stations, airports, ports, container handling stations, sewage works, power stations, building yards, barracks, roads / motorways, petrol stations and service areas, parking lots, traffi c-calmed zones, play streets, urban squares etc.


MaterialsFibre-reinforced concrete
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Hauraton Ltd

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