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Composition and manufacture

Kingspan nilvent® comprises a laminated three-layer polyolefin construction. The top layer provides protection from UV rays and mechanical damage. The middle layer is the functional layer. The bottom layer provides abrasion resistance. Kingspan nilvent® has a Light Grey upper surface. It is manufactured to the highest standards under a quality control system approved to ISO 9001:1994.

Size and weight

Roll length: 50m. Width: 1.5m. Thickness: 0.5mm.
Area per roll: 75m2.
Weight: 0.13kg/m2.
Roll weight: 11.25kg.


Kingspan nilvent® achieves a longitudinal and transverse tensile strength of 9.5N/mm2 when tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 527-1:1996. It achieves nail tear strength of 224N in transverse direction, and 292N in longitudinal direction when tested in accordance with BS EN 12310-1:2000. Kingspan nilvent® achieves a Mullen burst strength of 570kN/m2 when tested in accordance with BS 3137:1972 (1995).

Effect of fire

The use of Kingspan nilvent® does not affect the fire rating of a roof construction.

Moisture properties

Kingspan nilvent® achieves a water-vapour resistance of 0.17MNs/g when tested in accordance with BS 3177:1959. It achieves a liquid water-penetration resistance of >2m when tested in accordance with BS EN 20811:1992.


Products are as standard CFC/HCFC free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

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Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation

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