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Composition and manufacture

The Styrozone® range’s closed-cell structure resists both moisture and water vapour ingress, problems which can be associated with open-cell materials. The upper facing of Kingspan Purlcrete® is a 10mm polymer fibre reinforced hydraulic cement, whilst the core is a high-performance rigid extruded polystyrene insulation. Kingspan Styrozone® and Purlcrete® have been manufactured and tested in accordance to ISO 9001:1994.

Size and weight

Styrozone® products N 300 R, H 350 R, N 500 R and N 700 R typical density is 30, 30, 35 and 45kg/m3 respectively. Purlcrete® products typical density 35kg/m3.


The compressive strength of Kingspan Styrozone® N 300 R, H 350 R, N 500 R and N 700 R typically exceed 300, 300, 500 and 700kPa respectively at 10% compression when tested in accordance to BS EN 826:1996. The compressive strength of Kingspan Purlcrete® typically exceeds 300kPa.

Effect of fire

Kingspan Styrozone® meets Euroclass E requirement to BS 13164:2001. Kingspan Purlcrete® has a FAA rating when tested to BS 476-3:1958.

Moisture properties

Styrozone® boards are highly resistant to water absorption. Boards are very resistant to the passage of water vapour and are unaffected by repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Purlcrete® is not sensitive to moisture of any kind. The boards achieve a resistance of greater than 825MNs/g when tested in accordance with BS EN 12086:1997.

Thermal properties

Thermal conductivity (λ value) of Kingspan Styrozone® N 300 R, H 350 R and N 500 R is 0.029W/mK (insulant thickness <120mm), 0.034W/mK (insulant thickness >120mm). Styrozone® N 700 R is 0.036 (insulation thickness <50mm). The thermal conductivity of the Purlcrete® polymer fibre reinforced cement topping is 1.4W/mK whilst the extruded polystyrene core is 0.029W/mK.

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Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation

Insulation boards for low energy low carbon buildings. Optimum, premium and high performance rigid insulation products for building fabric applications, including roofs, walls and floors.

Our range of insulation boards includes Kooltherm,...
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