Guest Post: Hotel Bathroom Inspiration - Cost-Effective Techniques to Transform Your Suites

Guest Post: Hotel Bathroom Inspiration - Cost-Effective Techniques to Transform Your Suites

In the current economic crisis, the renovation of hotel bathrooms may not be at the forefront of your mind. However as we know, they are a vital feature for guests and therefore should be well maintained and should it be required, a replacement bathroom suite installed. The best thing to do is install a suite that will maintain its style and continue to look good, but will not cost a fortune either.

Compact Ceramics
Splash Bathrooms: Compact Ceramics This is where the majority of your money can be saved, especially when renovating multiple hotel bathrooms. A large amount of bathroom retailers will provide impressive discounts when you purchase bathroom suites in bulk, and by opting for an entire suite, for example co-ordinating toilet, basin and bath, you are also creating a sense of co-ordination which goes a really long way for the décor of the room.

Hotel bathrooms should feel both spacious and comfortable, so compact ceramics are a popular choice. Wall hung toilets and basins save precious floor space and make guests feel much more at ease and less claustrophobic, even in the smallest of bathroom spaces.

Streamline Storage Solutions
Even hotel bathrooms need a little storage space to hide away unsightly goods, and it also gives a much more homely feel as well. The best way to save money is by not splashing out on over-sized fixtures or an entire furniture suite, this will not only cut deep into your budget, it will also create an uncomfortably cramped rest room space. Consider furniture that will contrast with the décor slightly. For example, dark brown and chrome bathroom furniture fits beautifully into a gleaming white or cream décor in contemporary bathrooms.

Splash Bathrooms: Streamline Storage Solutions

Bright Lights
No one enjoys a dark and gloomy bathroom space, and the best way to create a gleaming and aesthetically pleasing bathroom is by installing the right lighting. You don’t have to spend a fortune for good, high quality lighting, and its reflections of glistening ceramics works wonders in small suites, creating the illusion of more space. Spot lighting is this obvious favourite, as it’s both safe and effective in creating a comfortable bathroom suite.

Splash Bathrooms: Bright Lights

Attention to Detail
Splash Bathrooms: Attention to Detail Sometimes remembering the small things makes all the difference, not only should you invest in both high quality and durable bathroom accessories that should of course co-ordinate with the décor of the room, but also things like fresh towels and flowers make a big change.

In comparison to the rest of your bathroom transformation, these small touches will be relatively inexpensive and should also be regularly maintained for optimum guest satisfaction.

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