What does interior design have to do with wellbeing?

What does interior design have to do with wellbeing?

When we think about health, happiness and wellbeing, we often think about our diet, our activity levels or the company we keep. However, one of the fundamental and often underestimated factors affecting all three is the environment we choose to situate ourselves in.

It’s a widely accepted fact that our living space can influence our emotional state of mind in both a negative and positive manner. Many design factors – colour and lighting, acoustics, air quality and furnishings can have a calculable impact on building occupants. Job satisfaction, increased productivity, higher occupancy/lower absenteeism can result from applying an increasing body of research in this field.

For example, choosing the correct kind is essential to achieving a positive ambiance. Colours visually stimulate us causing brain cells to react and triggering a torrent of unleashed emotions. Not only do different colours impact our feelings, but the amount of exposure we have to certain shades can also affect the chemical imbalance within our brains.

But incorporating colour into a living space should be done with care: certain shades and misuse of garish tones can hinder the potential of a space.

Not only can colour aid calm and repose, but it can also have the power to stimulate energy and excitement: vibrant colours can trigger a surge of thrill and enthusiasm.

Another contributing factor that can have a negative impact on our emotional state of mind is lack of light. Dark and dingy spaces can affect our mood causing it to down spiral and so make us less productive. Lighting can play a vital role when it comes to elevating interior ambiances.

Incorporating an array of lighting solutions can effectively improve moods while visually enhancing interiors.

The need for spaces, buildings and interior products to create a positive environment for occupants is ever increasing. While we may not be able to create spaces that aesthetically please every user, we can certainly create spaces that consciously manipulate aesthetic elements to encourage more meaningful and productive experiences.

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