Mixcal Careflo Plus

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

The Mixcal Careflo Plus is a thermostatic diverting valve with a thermal disinfection function. The TMV performs the role of any usual TMV however, it comes equipped with a special tool which allows for thermal disinfection to be performed.

The special tool lifts the spindle, by-passing the operation of the thermostatic cartridge. The higher temperature hot water passes through the valve and pipework to thermally disinfect it. Through manually overriding the system, the thermal disinfection can rid the system of Legionella bacteria, right up to the outlet.

In addition to this unique function, the Mixcal Careflo Plus has a failsafe function design which shuts off the mixed water flow automatically in the event of disruption in the hot or cold-water supply to the valve.

The 101-300 Mixcal Careflo Plus failsafe thermostatic mixing valves have been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of BS 7942:2000 and the National Health Service model engineering specification D 08 for use in healthcare premises, hospitals, care homes, and schools.


Max. working pressure: 10 bar - Static
Min. working pressure: 0.2 Bar : Dynamic
Max. inlet temperature: 85˚C
Inlet temperature range:- hot supply: 55 - 65°C - cold supply: 0.5 - 20°C
D 08 working pressure:- low pressure: 0.2 - 1.0 Bar- high pressure: 1.0 - 5.0 Bar
Max. inlet pressure ratio (H/C or C/H): 5:1
Accuracy: ±2˚C
Setting Range: 30 to 50˚C
Min. temperature difference between inlet hot water and outlet mixed water: 10˚C
Min. flow for stable operation: 4 l/m


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Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Established near Stafford in 1987, Altecnic is one of the leading suppliers of hydronic solutions for both commercial and domestic markets.

As part of the Caleffi Group, their Italy based manufacturing partner and parent company,...
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