SATK22 Indirect Heat Interface Unit

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

• Complete range for low, medium and high temperature systems
• Compact size, simple installation use and maintenance
• Instantaneous DHW production with DHW exchanger weekly programmable preheating function
• Remote user interface with chronothermostat function
• Control of the return temperature in both heating and DHW mode; Ideal for condensing boilers and district heating applications
• Self-diagnostics and remote control via Mod-BUS

The SATK22 HIU allows independent control of heat regulation and domestic hot water production within centralised heating
systems or systems served by district heating networks.

The heat interface unit features exceptional flexibility of installation and remote controllable smart electronic functions designed to enhance efficiency of the system.

The SATK22 HIU is designed for installation in a sheltered domestic environment (or similar), therefore it cannot be installed or used outdoors, i.e. in areas directly exposed to the weather. Outdoor installation may cause malfunctioning and hazards.

If the appliance is enclosed inside or between cabinets, sufficient space must be provided for routine maintenance procedures.

It is NOT recommended to place electrical devices underneath the HIU, as they may become damaged in the event of leaks occurring at the hydraulic fittings. If this advice is not heeded, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any resulting damage.

In the event of a malfunction, fault or incorrect operation, the appliance should be de-activated; contact a qualified technician for

Before installation, it is recommended to carry out a thorough flushing of all the pipe work in order to remove any debris or impurities that could prevent the correct operation of the HIU.

In order to facilitate these operations a manual bypass flushing valve is available (Code 789110).

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Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Established near Stafford in 1987, Altecnic is one of the leading suppliers of hydronic solutions for both commercial and domestic markets.

As part of the Caleffi Group, their Italy based manufacturing partner and parent company,...
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