SATK20 Direct Heat Interface Unit

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

The SATK20 heat interface unit is the latest ‘intelligent’ range of HIU from Altecnic. The SATK20 units are two-way systems with modulating control of the heating medium (VFR - variable flow rate system) and are particularly suitable in combination with condensing boilers and district heating systems, thanks to their low return temperatures.

The SATK20 is the complete solution for instantaneous hot water production and space heating control.

The single plate design hydraulically separates the domestic water with the space heating supplied directly from the central primary

The on-board electronic control unit ensures maximum efficiency and control but crucially also enables additional important features.

Similar to the indirect version, the SATK 20 can be set to modulate the heating flow circuit for greater efficiency and to compensate for
changes in the external environment.

The SATK20 is supplied with a high efficiency pump for the heating circuit (except for the SATK20305).

The low temperature heating version, for UFH, includes a heating pump, bypass and safety thermostat, allowing the space heating
circuit temperature to be set and controlled as required.

All models (except for the SATK20305) are supplied- with a pump bypass loop in case of complete radiator TRV shutdown.

The SATK 20 is extremely compact in design and lightweight, benefitting installers and architects alike.

The unit has a fully insulated cover, manufactured from expanded PPE fully insulating the unit and includes a sliding window to allow the
tenant to access the integral heat meter (if installed).

The unit can be fitted with an optional isolation module that allows the DHW and heating circuits to be remotely isolated by the building
owner/landlord etc. via a PC with internet access.

SATK20 and SATK30 Heat Interface Units (HIU) control the heating and domestic hot water generation in an individual
apartment within a centralised boiler or district heating system.

The SATK series HIUs are designed for installation in a sheltered domestic environment (or similar), therefore cannot be installed or used outdoors, i.e. in areas directly exposed to atmospheric agents. Outdoor installation may cause malfunctioning and hazards.

If the device is enclosed inside or between cabinets, sufficient space must be provided for routine maintenance procedures. It is recommended that electrical devices are NOT placed underneath the HIU, as they may be damaged in the event of
discharge from the safety valve, if it is not connected to a discharge tundish (SATK30103 and SATK30105), or in the event of leaks occurring at the hydraulic fittings.

If this advice is not heeded, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any resulting damage. In the event of a malfunction, fault or incorrect operation, the device should be deactivated; contact a qualified technician for assistance.

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Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Established near Stafford in 1987, Altecnic is one of the leading suppliers of hydronic solutions for both commercial and domestic markets.

As part of the Caleffi Group, their Italy based manufacturing partner and parent company,...
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